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Guidelines for poster presentation

  1. Posters must be in English.
  2. The poster board surface area is 84 cm x 118 cm (A0). The board must be oriented in the ‘portrait’ position
  3. Poster shall be affixed to the display boards with Pins or Scotch, which presenters are asked to bring.
  4. In preparing your poster for the session, we suggest that you limit the amount of printed material to the least possible.     
  5. Poster material must be prepared in advance and text should be readable from five feet away. The size of the characters for the text should be at least 2 сm. Font: Times New Roman.
  6. Each poster must have a top label indicating the title of the paper, the names of the authors (J.J.C. Smith), full name of the organization, city, country. The size of the characters for the names, organization, city and country should be at least 3 сm.  
  7. Use all capital letters for the title. The size of the characters for the title should be at least 4 сm. Not more than 20 words. Font: Times New Roman.
  8. Keep illustrative material simple. Charts, drawings, illustrations and photos are usually similar to those used in making slides preferably with bolder, heavier figures. Simple use of colour is effective for adding emphasis. Mount illustration on fairly stiff paper (paper weight 200-300  g/ m2) but NOT heavy cardboard.
  9. The abstract should contain the following sections: Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions. When feasible, use graphs for demonstrating qualitative relationships, use tables for precise numerical values.
  10. Use only standard abbreviations.
  11. Do not fold posters; try to carry them in an appropriate container. Do not mail poster presentations in advance, they may not arrive in time; bring them with you to the Conference.



плакат Конгресса

16th congress of the European Union for School and University Health and Medicine, 9-11 June 2011, Moscow, Russia